Why do I have to register?
Registering helps to quickly locate your land and helps us keep you up to date about new LandSystems products and services. 

See our Privacy Policy for more information on how we use and protect your registration details. 

Can I get this information for free?
The data used in our products is generally freely available. What we offer is a simple way for you to turn it into quality customised maps for your land.


Can I view the Land Feature Maps for my land before I purchase them?
Currently, our map creation system doesn't allow this. However, take a look at the sample maps on our website to see what your maps will look like. The FREE Land Feature Report will show which land features are available for your land to help your ordering decision.

I can only get a Land Feature Report for part of my property.
If your property is under more than one title it is likely the search tool has selected the house title. You can select a different area of interest on your property by clicking on the map in Step 1 - Select your property. Note that maps are produced and sold for individual titles only.