Online maps

In this electronic age it is still useful to have a hard copy map. 

Our goal is to provide you with maps to help you know your land and inform important decisions you make about your land. We see the value of maps for visualising your land – as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

LandSystems has used its expertise in GIS and land resource information to develop the LANDmaps™ customised GIS platform which can create quality, affordable maps. LANDmaps™ allows us to provide you with great, property specific maps using freely available data. We can also create customised maps for you using your own data. Maps include features such as customised labeling and calculated areas for your property.

Our products are easy to order and come in a wide range of formats to meet your needs.

How it works

For customised maps using your own data please contact us or see Customised Maps to find out more.

Land Feature Maps and Mapbooks made using freely-available data can be purchased online.

In a few easy steps you can access quality maps for your property

Step 1 – locate your property
Step 2 – choose your land feature(s)
Step 3 – choose your map options
Step 4 – purchase your map

When will I receive my map?

We aim to get your maps to you within 2 hours (or 48 hours currently for Aerial Photo Maps).

How will my map be provided to me?

Once your map is ready you will be available through a unique download link. Our map products are supplied as JPEG files. these files can be used either electronically or you can print them as hard copy maps. All images are printable up to A0. However, we only provide you with paper size options where your property is a minimum map scale of 1:10,000.



Try our LAND SEARCH tutorial to see how to create maps for a property.