What is a Mapbook? Simply, instead of one single page map of your property, your property is cleverly segmented into a number of maps presented at a finer scale. Mapbooks allow you to zoom in on different parts of your property. The concept is similar to road Mapbooks used for long car trips before computerised guidance systems took hold!

A Mapbook presents your property in a convenient format, as a series of overlapping 1:15,000 scale maps. See our sample Mapbook below or view our sample maps.

The advantage of a Mapbook is you don't have to roll up a single big map to take around. If your property is larger than around 350 hectares (about 850 acres) our Mapbook product will be a good option. Our ordering process will indicate whether your property is right for a Mapbook.

Use our LAND SEARCH tool to see if a Mapbook is a good idea for your property.