Mapping & monitoring

Collecting and understanding soil and land resource information for use in your projects, reports and consent applications needs specialist skills. While many soil maps are available electronically, soil information is often only available in hard copy. LandSystems has the experience and expertise required to negotiate and make sense of the soil and land resource information landscape.

For property scale soil and land resource information regional maps are only useful as a guide and more detailed mapping is recommended.

Our LandSystems team are available for soil and land resource fieldwork. Our services include soil mapping, land use capability assessment, soil characterisation, soil sampling and monitoring for:

  • Whole farm plans
  • Farm Environment Plans
  • Subdivision on high quality soils
  • Contaminated site investigation reports
  • Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE)
  • Dairy farm effluent management
  • Farm nutrient management
  • SOE monitoring and reporting

 Please Contact us to discuss your requirements.